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These photos are mostly of various trips in Shanghai and around China, although now being desk bound in Australia, the flow of new material may slow somewhat.

I have already clocked up $575 in traffic fines here to date for a total of 12kph over the limit, so we may not be getting out much.

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Latest Photo Album

Ill-fated trip to Lijiang in Yunnan Province in West China with Phil and Marcus, resulting in some extra bits of metal in Phil's leg.

We stayed in Lijiang (do) and Shangri-La (don't) and visited Tiger-Leaping Gorge with about a thousand other tourists, as usual.

Breakfast in Shangri-La was a highlight for me.


Videos of Shanghai taken from a boat, a bus and a bicycle.



For poetry, click on the winkle.

There's no particular reason why it should be a winkle except I did a project on them once.

Attempts at the profound and trivial from various people I know.



Cartoons of various piffle and balderdash written by 5 ex-employees of Rolls-Royce Cars in Crewe.

Some adult material.


Victoria - the Nazi State

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