Golmud Drive

An accelerated drive on the Lhasa Road in China,

from Xining to Kunlun Mountain (4800m) and back.

SHPG Wanaka Drive

A short trip near SHPG and Wanaka in New Zealand.

Ocean Grove Drive

A drive through the Bellarine in Victoria, Australia.

A tribute to Matt Monro and Quincy Jones.

Australia MTB Ride

Part of the route of my weekly ride across the Bellarine salt pan,

behind the dunes near Ocean Grove.


View from the bus I take every day to work and back.

A tribute to Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man.

Tian Mi Mi

The Chassis Department entry to the SAIC Motor Technical Centre Talent Competition.

A tribute to the late Teresa Teng.


This was taken on a boat during a 2 hour trip up the Huangpu River and back.

The Huangpu river bisects Shanghai and is a working river, carrying many barges and ships. Shanghai gets most of it's drinking water from the Huangpu.

The video is a tribute to Lemon Jelly


This video follows a cycle ride from our apartment compound where everyone drives a Porsche (except me) to the local areas just 2 km away where everyone doesn't.

The video is a tribute to Beth Gibbons and Portishead.